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Muscle weakness can indicate health problems in need of attention. By testing the strength of specific muscles, applied kinesiology aims to diagnose a variety of conditions, and make way for effective treatment options. Fuller Health Group is pleased to offer applied kinesiology services for people in Chicago and Oak Park, Illinois.

Applied Kinesiology Q&A

What is applied kinesiology?

Applied kinesiology (AK) uses muscle strength testing to examine your body’s functions. It operates on the belief that specific muscles are linked to particular glands and organs, and that muscle weakness can indicate problems, such as chemical imbalances, poor blood flow, and nerve damage. By correcting this weakness, healing may follow. It draws from many complementary therapies, providing an interdisciplinary approach to healthcare. Applied kinesiology procedures are not intended to replace, but rather enhance standard diagnostic tools.

What is the triad of health?

Applied kinesiology uses the triad of health — chemical, mental, and structural factors — to describe the proper balance of the major health categories. The triad is represented by an equilateral triangle with structural health as its base, and chemical and mental health as the upright sides. When a person experiences poor health, we believe it is due to an imbalance in one or more of these 3 factors. All sides must be evaluated for the underlying cause of a problem, because a health problem on one side can affect the others. A chemical imbalance, for example, may cause mental symptoms. Applied kinesiology enables the practitioner to evaluate the triad’s balance and direct therapy toward the imbalanced side or sides.

How does the treatment start?

Treatment starts with an exam. Dr. Fuller will begin by testing various muscles, using interactive assessment procedures that test factors such as gait, posture, range of motion, and physiologic responses to chemical, physical or mental stimulus. Once he finds a muscle that tests as weak, he will attempt to determine the cause of the weakness. He will then determine and recommend or apply the therapy that will best eliminate the muscle weakness.

What therapies does AK use?

During or following your first exam, Dr. Fuller will customize a treatment plan for you. Therapies utilized may include:

  • Clinical nutrition
  • Cranial techniques
  • Dietary management
  • Joint manipulation or mobilization
  • Meridian therapy
  • Myofascial therapies
  • Reflex procedures
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