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Neurolab Testing Q & A

Your Nervous System is the Key to Your Best Quality of Life

When your brain and nervous system, important parts of your body’s communication system, aren’t working as well as they could, you can develop a variety of complaints that reduce your quality of life. You may find you don’t handle stress well, your mood and energy may suffer, maybe you’ll have trouble focusing or remembering. Maybe you won’t sleep as well. And of course, your loved ones will suffer as well. These are just a few of the most common issues people who chose to use Sanesco’s Communication System Management™ (CSM) clinical model reported experiencing.

After following their personalized program generated by the CSM clinical model, they reported significant improvements in mood, focus, memory, sleep, and more. Interestingly, people who were suffering the most reported the greatest improvements on the program.*

What is the CSM Clinical Model?

The CSM model acts as a map for your healthcare provider. It helps them layout the shortest route for your personal journey to health. The CSM model has three parts.

First—A Painless, Simple, and Easy Test You Can Do in Your Own Home

The test from NeuroLab® tells your healthcare practitioner how well your nervous system is doing. It only requires a small urine sample, and sometimes saliva samples to check your stress response.

Second—Results Identifying Roadblocks to Your Optimal Health

The information from the test identifies exactly where your nervous system needs help. It also explains how these roadblocks connect to your symptoms.

Third—A Plan Specific to Your Needs

Your practitioner can use the map to develop a program that meets your personal needs and gets you feeling better as fast as possible. The program may incorporate non-drug formulas from Sanesco as well as lifestyle changes and other options your provider identifies.

Be at Your Best!

As your nervous system responds to your personal program and begins to heal, your path may change. Retesting will allow fine tuning of your program to speed you along the path to optimal health and the quality of life you deserve.

You don’t have to wait! Tell your practitioner you want your NeuroLab test today.

*Results were achieved using testing from NeuroLab and natural formulas from Sanesco’s Targeted Nutritional Therapy™. These results cannot be applied to other tests and products.