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Chiropractic services aren’t just for adults because many adulthood alignment issues take root early in life. Children of all ages can benefit from gentle chiropractic care, which are specialized treatments conducted by highly trained professionals. Fuller Health Group is pleased to offer a variety of effective options for children and families in Chicago and Oak Park, Illinois.

Pediatric Chiropractic Q&A

How can chiropractic care help children?

Many spinal issues adults experience begin as early as birth. The birthing process itself can stress an infant’s spine and nervous system. All of this can lead to misalignment of the spine, as well as breathing, sleeping, and nursing difficulties, colic, allergic reactions, and chronic infections. Chiropractic adjustments can help restore nerve function, leading to stronger health and wellbeing.

Chiropractic care may also help a child after an injury, or for improved symptoms of asthma, ear infections, headaches, or allergies. Parents have also reported benefits they didn’t expect following treatment, including:

  • Improved behavior
  • Improved immune functions
  • Sleeping better

Does it cause pain?

When Dr. Fuller or Dr. Manasia provide chiropractic care for children, they use a specialized, gentle technique. Depending on the child’s age, adjustments may be as light as the touch of a finger. In other words, significant pain or discomfort is highly unlikely.

Is it safe? 

While more research is needed, chiropractic care for kids and adolescents is fairly common and there is little evidence of harm or complications. Open communication between children, parents and the practitioner can help ensure safe and gentle treatment. Widely recognized as a noninvasive treatment without the risks associated with medications, chiropractic care causes few side effects overall. Potential side effects, regardless of age, include mild aches, stiffness or soreness, all of which tend to fade within 24 hours.

What is cranial sacral therapy?

Cranial sacral therapy is a noninvasive, gentle type of bodywork that focuses on the bones in the head, spine, and sacrum (the triangular bone in the lower back). It aims to restore natural positioning of these bones, reduce stress from injuries, and relieve pain. The procedure can provide an array of benefits to children, including improved health and socialization in kids with ADD, ADHD or autism.