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Recovery analytics tools track physical health factors such as your heart rate, sleep quality, and exercise. Fuller Health Group is pleased to offer wearable devices that use cutting edge technology, as well as complementary guidance programs and online coaching, to help people in Chicago and Oak Park, Illinois reach and maintain top performance and wellness.

Recovery Analytics Q&A

What is performance optimization? 

Simply put, performance optimization aims to enhance your abilities to perform by taking a holistic perspective that considers your overall physical state, exercise intensity, nutritional status, and quality of sleep, then uses the information to balance your training schedule for optimal performance. In the realm of fitness, this often involves recovery analytics, or gathering data which can then be used to track and adjust your physical activity, as well as other lifestyle habits, such as rest and recovery time, food intake, physical stress, and injuries.

How can wearable technology help?

High-quality performance wearable technology can help you reach your wellness goals while enhancing your overall physical performance and health. Knowing that factors such as your sleep and activity level are being tracked can help hold you accountable, and motivate you to make healthier choices. You can also gain understanding of ways stress, recovery, injuries, and travel affect your wellbeing.

The device Dr. Fuller recommends collects information that can be used to detect fatigue, prevent overtraining and injury, and subsequently enhance performance. It takes all of your day’s data into consideration, including heart rate variability and resting heart rate, then calculates how much sleep you’ll need for ideal recovery. It allows him to observe your lifestyle habits and health remotely so he can offer advice via telemedicine, or remote guidance using technology, such as phone, text, and video calls.

How do wearable devices help professional baseball players?

The same performance optimization devices Dr. Fuller uses with patients is now used by major league baseball players. The first device of its kind to be approved for use during games, research has shown that, on average, players require roughly 2 days to return to their baselines after traveling, when they tend to sleep less. While using the devices, players also experienced fewer injuries.

What programs do you offer?

As a performance optimization specialist and coach, Dr. Fuller is pleased to offer telemedicine health coaching. The service includes the cost of the wearable performance optimization device, but check with your insurance provider because some, such as Health Savings Accounts, may cover the wearable device. You can select one of 3 coaching options, with varying prices:

Package 1:

  • Wearable device: $200 for device and first month plus $30/month for additional 11-month data plan: $530.00 for full year
  • Free initial evaluation including medical history via FaceTime
  • Three 15-minute online appointments with Dr. Fuller: $75.00
  • Total cost: $605.00

Package 2:

  • Wearable device: $200 for device and first month plus $30/month for additional 11-month data plan - $530.00 for full year
  • Free initial evaluation including medical history via FaceTime
  • Unlimited online communication with Dr. Fuller: $149 per month with 3-month minimum
  • Recovery Analytic reports
  • Total cost: $977.00 for first three months

Package 3:

  • Team physician
  • Wearable devices
  • Free initial evaluations
  • Unlimited online communication
  • Recovery Analytic reports
  • Total cost: Please contact for pricing