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Anyone engaged in sports — whether professional or recreational, teen or adult — faces unique challenges when it comes to balancing weight requirements with the energy needed for optimal performance. Fuller Health Group in Chicago and Oak Park, Illinois can help with services covering nutrition, exercise, kinesiology, and performance optimization. Contact us to schedule a consultation if you struggle to maintain a healthy weight, need to assess your performance, or you have any questions about kinesiology.

Weight Management Q&A

What weight management challenges do athletes face?

Athletes face unique weight management challenges. Professional athletes must maintain a specific weight and body composition to be stay competitive, while wrestlers and boxers need to meet weight-class requirements. Dancers, gymnasts, and figure skaters face the challenge of keeping weight down while staying healthy and avoiding extreme weight-control methods.

Young athletes seeking to join their school sports teams often need to lose weight. These individuals are still growing and must be careful about restricting their energy intake while engaging in intense activities. They need guidance on diet, nutrition, energy balance, and how to eat for performance.

Athletes of all ages, whether recreational or competitive, are challenged to lose weight while maintaining lean muscle mass, or to gain weight that’s muscle rather than fat. Dr. Fuller’s expertise in sports coaching, nutrition, and performance enhancement can help all athletes maintain a healthy body weight and minimize the amount of weight they may need to lose for competition, while sustaining energy to stay active.

How does engaging in sports prevent teen obesity?

Exercise is an essential component of weight management. It burns calories, boosts mood, and promotes better sleep, all of which are vital for overweight teens. Competing with screen time and motivating teens to exercise can be difficult, but one way around that problem is to get involved in sports that they truly enjoy. An added benefit is that teens who play on three or more sports team are up to 39% less likely to be obese.

If your teen son or daughter is overweight, you’ll need to be sure they’re healthy enough to begin an exercise program or to join team sports. Dr. Fuller can perform a physical, assess teens’ musculoskeletal system, and run diagnostic tests if needed. If necessary, chiropractic care can be performed to correct any imbalances that will increase the risk of injury or worsen from activity. The doctor also offers nutritional and exercise counseling to keep teens on the path for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.  

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What is the female athlete triad?

At Fuller Health Group we’re concerned about protecting the health of active women of all ages. As they face increasing pressure to be thin, some females push their activity level too far, often using sports as the way to become exceedingly slim. The combination of intense activity and severely restricting calories can lead to the female athlete triad: bone loss, eating disorders, and amenorrhea, which is when menstrual periods don’t start in the first place or they stop. Through health counseling focused on energy balance, active women can avoid the triad.