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Chiropractic Care

In chiropractic sessions at Fuller Health Group, our aim is balance and efficiency. We work to understand your body's current limitations and make small changes to influence the body globally rather than just changes to the specific location concerning your pain.
An ailment's root cause requires tackling from a variety of angles to ensure adjustments made are balanced for your individual body's understanding of what is comfortable and normal.
Fuller Health Group offers treatment options to assess and relieve any chronic pains or conditions that you may be experiencing.

Health & Nutritional Counseling

With more doctors and medical practitioners recognizing the value of nutrition, movement, and other lifestyle factors in overall health, more and more have begun to employ Health Counseling and Nutrition as part of their long-term patient care strategy.

At Fuller Health Group, we believe that integrating Health Counseling and Nutrition, when appropriate, leads to patients implementing a healthier overall lifestyle and thereby creating a solid basis for the success of future healthcare.

Our Health Counseling and Nutrition program at Fuller Health Group is a client-centered, relational approach to working with individuals collaboratively to address the health and wellbeing of the whole person. It acknowledges the interdependent roles of mind, body and spirit, and the innate healing capacity within each person, with an emphasis on self-care. Our Health Counseling and Nutrition Program incorporates the expertise and experience of all of our related staff members.

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